Chess Openings Memory Matching Game. The first of it's kind to teach 12 classic chess openings in a fun and creative way. Featured here are the box, booklet and tiles.
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What is this game?

A Classic Memory Matching Game with a chess-themed twist. Watch the quick video below. 

Who is this game for?

Anyone ages 7+ who has some basic knowledge of chess. The game can be played solo or with friends (or frienemies.)

There are multiply ways to play – from the classic style memory game to our “quick match” style of game play.

What’s inside the box?

There are 12 essential chess openings that we think every chess player should know. 

There’s a bonus booklet that breaks down each opening move and shares some fun trivia.

A secret fun way to play…not in the booklet!

We call this “The Quick Match” game. 

Pick your opponent. See who can correctly match the tiles. The player who is the fastest wins!

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Chess Clubs

That Carry Our Game

Frank's Chess Academy, a local New Jersey chess club that features our game.
Chess Max Academy uses our game as prizes in their tournaments.
Frank's Chess Academy President says " the concept."
Tried out these cards called "Chess Openings", and love the concept. What a creative way to teach young students about the chess openings! I will be incorporating them into my lessons as a fun alternative to learning openings. Francis C. Romano, President of Frank's Chess Academy.